A few years ago on a family holiday to Catalonia, we came across a busy restaurant dominated by a large chicken rotisserie.

Despite a long queue, the pull of those golden, roasting, aromatic chickens was too much to resist.

The memory of that meal stayed with us and pretty soon the idea for Clockjack was born. A rotisserie chicken restaurant with top quality chickens.

It’s the best way to roast meat – the radiant heat enhances the skin’s delicious flavours and the rotating spit gently cooks the flesh to keep it succulent and tender.

In fact, it’s the way it always used to be done – right back to Tudor times when they used a spit-roasting device called the clockwork jack or Clockjack for short.

We then enhance our flavours further by preparing carefully sourced birds in a unique soft herb marinade and serving with our own range of sauces. The result? The best roast chicken in London.

Welcome to Clockjack.